More dirty panties for you!

8 02 2009

Watcha dudes! (heh, dunno where I got watcha from!)

Just a quickie to let you know I’ve been working on yet another site update, I’ve just added 7 new pairs of dirty panties to my worn panties page, go check it out! Aaaaand, in this mini batch there’s actually two pairs of pink satin panties.

One pair is light pink with a cute black lace bow:

rachys dirty satin panties

The other is darker pink with a white lace bow:

rachys worn satin panties

Enjoy these while you can! I can’t often get my hands on satin panties so these are something special. If you’re a satin panty lover then you’ll love both of these pairs, there’s just something so delicious about frilly satin panties, imagine how delicious they’ll be when I play in them for you….!

Love to all 🙂

Another pair of worn panties for you!

26 01 2009

I’ve added one more pair of dirty panties to my worn panties page. I edited these pics the other day along with the rest of them but there wasn’t room for it, but now there is! Take a look:

Rachys dirty thong

I love this teeny little thong, so cute and sexy! The tiny slip of material is guaranteed to wiggle it’s way in between my pussy lips and get all nice and juicy for the lucky new owner…! Yummy 😉

Take care guys
Love Rachy

Sexy panty peek…

25 01 2009

Sexy dirty panties peek

It’s late and I don’t have time to write much so I thought I’d just spoil you with this sexy little snap! Just how yummy do my dirty panties look in this sexy little sneak peek! And those fabulous shoes just complete the pic, pure filth 😉

Love Rachy

Oooooh lots of dirty panties added!!

24 01 2009

Told you I’d get round to it, just took a few days that’s all 😉 Anyhoo, I have just added fourteen gorgeous pairs of panties to my worn panties page, it’s all lovely and full and yummy! And for the first time ever on my panty site, I have 20 (yes TWENTY!) pairs of used panties available to purchase! It’s always been 16 pairs at a time but I had exactly the right number of pics taken to add in another row so I thought why not, gives you lots more free piccies to perv on too 😉

As always, here’s my personal faves from the new dirty panties collection:

Rachys dirty panties
Kinky pink frilly french knickers, totally gorgeous and an absolute pleasure to wear…trust me 😉

Dirty cotton panties
Super cute pink cotton full backs. This pair are so pretty and girly, ‘purrfect’ for sissies in particular

rachys dirty thong

Cute sheer string thong with pink lace. Tiny pair of panties, super sexy!!

Also, I’m sorry to say I’ve had to watermark all the thumbnails. I’ve never bothered with this before because it seemed pointless, why would anyone steal such a tiny pic? But it’s happened too many times for my liking so watermarking it is. I’ve only written ‘Rachy’ on them as there wasn’t enough room for my site name but hopefully this will deter all the nasty skanks and thieves. Even if they do steal them as least they’ll have my name on them this time! Hopefully you can still enjoy all the piccies regardless of the daft watermarking!

Hope you enjoy the new additions! Which are your favourites? Which can you imagine unwrapping to reveal all my delicious tastes and aromas…? Why not have a nice long think about it!

Take care guys!
Love Rachy

Black Lacey Panties

23 01 2009

Hey guys, happy Friday! I’m so tired today, can’t wait to have a lovely lie in tomorrow morning *yawns* I was boinging around on my rebounder (a little mini trampoline) for 25 mins earlier and it totally knackered me! I love the rebounder though, apparently it’s good for strengthening joints as it’s low impact, and it’s totally fun! Much harder than it looks though! I bought it thinking I’d be able to do like an hour or something…I managed 4 mins! That was about 3 weeks ago and I’m already up to 25 mins, wooop! I feel like an idiot on it though, always close the curtains before using it! And my massive bum wobbles all over the place while I’m bouncing, it’s awful! I used it in front of the mirror once and it reminded me of that bit on The Simpsons where some doctors or something are mesmerised by Homer’s fat jiggling when he runs lol!

Anyhoo, one of the thumbnail piccies I uploaded on Wednesday caught the eye of one of my lovely guys so they won’t be getting added to my worn panties page. I’d already editted the pics for that pair though so I figured I’d just show you them here, seems a shame for them to go to waste don’t you think!

Dirty black panties

worn black panties

I love the look of black dirty panties, pussy juice always shows up well on black material. Imagine how this lovely lacey pair will look after being worn for three long days…yum!

Anyhoo, I shall leave you with that thought 😉
Take care,
Love Rachy

Super Scaredy Rachy

22 01 2009

Yikes, I’m terrified. I’m off to the dentist later and I absolutely hate hate HATE the dentist. Don’t know why I hate it so much, I’ve never had a really bad experience or anything like that, I just dread it. I’m probably extra scared this time because I’ve been silly and put off going for ages. I think the last time I went was something like May 2007! Well over a year overdue, great. I did this last time too (put off going that is) and once I’d been I said to myself ‘I will never EVER do that again, I will always make sure I go on time’ just to avoid the awful worrying…but NO I was an idiot again and left it too late!

Don’t know why I’m being such a big baby about this! Maybe it’s cos the appointments not til later in the day so I have all day to think about it knowing it’s coming, I usually go at around 8am to avoid that!

I booked this appointment because I was sick of letting important things slip, so in the last week I have had my eyes tested, getten new glasses, visited a joints specialist, had a mole checked, had a blood test and now seeing the dentist. Start the year as you mean to go on and all that 😀 I’m so lucky that everything so far has been ok, hopefully it will be today too!

Ok I’m just rambling on now, I blame the nerves! Here’s another dirty panties preview pic, a rather snazzy pair of pink frilly french knickers:

Dirty pink frilly panties

Hope you like the pic, I love these panties! They’re so girly and flirty, make me feel all lovely and giggly when I wear them! They (along with the others shown yesterday) will be added to my worn panties page ASAP, possibly today depending on how the dreaded dentist goes!

Take care guys, thanks for listening!
Love Rachy

EDIT: Everything was ok at the dentist! Was only in about 3 minutes, phew!!!

Gratuitous Gingham Glory!

19 01 2009

Well maybe not gratutious…I just like alliteration 😀

Morning dudes, just waiting around til it’s time to leave (doctors appointment) so I quickly edited this old dirty panties pic to show off.

Rachy's Worn Panties

I love these sexy gingham print panties, they just look so cute and innocent and girly. Lovely! Heh, weren’t so innocent once I’d finished with them…! And look how snugly they’re nestled against all my good bits, though you probably already noticed that 😛

Have a fab Monday!
Love Rachy